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Base Level Tips For A Stable Relationship

Wedding 1There is a lot of information out there about how to make relationships work. Much of this information contradicts itself and is confusing in its complexity. The problem with most of the information available is that it does not apply to everyone and people need different solutions to their individual problems. The advice below is the real foundational points that should be adopted by all couples first if their relationship is to survive.Get these things right and the rest should follow without too much trouble.

Trust. If you cannot have faith in your partner, day to day life will be very difficult. You will always be worrying when they are away at conference venues etc, about what they are doing and who with? insecurities like this breads accusations and constant worry from both parties, which will never bring people closer together. Trust is not easy to give if you have been hurt before but think of it like this, if your partner is willing to hurt you by being unfaithful, are they the right person for you anyway?

Communication. Every couple has issues and country to popular belief, these are not what split people up, its actually the inability to deal with them and reach an understanding.Without open channels of communication between the two of you, the chances of your relationship surviving are slim. Talking calmly and sensibly to each other is the best way to really get to understand problems and how the other person feels about them. If this is not possible then you might need a mediator to sit in with you.

Love . It is incredible just how many people stay together for the sake of it and do not love each other.People drift apart without love as it is the relationship fabric that bonds people together through tough times. It is possible to fall back in love with someone and you dont need to renew you vows at fairy tale [wedding venues|castle weddings] in order to do so. You do however have to first like them as a person and find them attractive in some way, be it their looks or their personality.

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Banias And Their Marriage Rituals

People spend their whole lives looking for a perfect match. The procedure of finding a suitable bride or groom is almost same in every culture with the categorization of it being a love or an arranged marriage. Marriages are made in heaven, but are given a final nod by our parents. In almost all Indian families parents are the final decision makers for choosing the life partner for their children.

Though, the cultures and traditions of all the marriages resolve the purpose of celebrating the marriage with great pop and gaiety and to bless the couple for their successful married life. The marriage ceremonies and rituals vary according to the traditions and cultural background of a particular community. There are few communities in the country which are present all over the world and are defined according to their business and work culture. One of such communities is Banias, they are the people involved in the business like banking, money- lending, or the people dealing with the selling of products like, grains, groceries, spices and oil. Banias can be the people with sir names like Aggarwal, Agarwal, Baniya, Bani, Agarwal Marwari, Banikar, Oswal, Marwari, Mahajan, etc.

These people are popularly known as the thrifty or the penny- pinching community, but their marriages are celebrated at a very large scale with lavishing food and arrangements. Most of the Jains and Hindus constitute the Bania community. The people who follow Hindu religion are called Meshris, where others following Jain culture are called Shravaks. The Banias marriage date are supposed to be fixed by the parents during the time period of Kartika Sud i.e. 11th of October- November to Asarba Sud, i.e. 11th of June- July.

The marriage ceremony in a Bania family starts with the worship of Ganpati ji in both the houses of the bride and the groom, which is performed few days before the actual day of marriage. The ganpati pooja is organized to seek blessing from the god and the ceremony is called Mandav. The decoration of the marriage Mandav is done after the prayers. Then the ladies of the house go to a potters place, signing and dancing, as a procession, there they sprinkle sandalwood powder and flowers on the potters wheel, after which they bring earthen pots back home to be, used in the marriage ceremonies.

A day before the marriage both the Bania families, carry gifts and wedding dress for bride and groom to each others house respectively. The bride and the groom do not participate in these rituals. The wedding dress of the bania bride and the groom is usually a lehnga- choli or saree and a sherwani or kurta pyjami respectively.

On the day of the wedding, both the houses are decorated with all lights and flowers, all the family members, friends and distant relatives are invited to attend the wedding ceremony. To begin with the marriage day ceremonies, balls of cow dung ashes are thrown in all the four directions, meanwhile the brides mother takes seven circular rounds around the groom holding curd in two earthen pots, which afterwards are crushed by the right foot of the groom allowing him to enter the Brides house or the place of marriage.
Then the mother of the Bania bride washes the feet of the groom with honey, curd, sugar, milk and ghee to add the purifying factor. After this, the actual marriage ceremonies take place of Kanyadan (a ritual where the parents gives away the responsibility of their daughter to the groom for the lifetime), phere (seven circles around the sacred fire to promise each others support in all walks of life), after which the groom applies sindur or read powder on the forehead of the groom and then makes her wear a mangalsutra, marking the proof of a married women. All this leads to the completion of the Bania marriage ceremonies, which are more or less like a Hindu marriage.

Then the Bidayi ceremony takes place, a part of which the Bania bride moves away to the grooms house to lead a happy married life. The carriage or the car carrying the bride towards her new house is made to crush a coconut to mark a pure and happy beginning of their married life.

How To Attract Husband’s Interest In You

When you have just been married, your husband will treat you with great love and tenderness. Unfortunately, this kind of treatment does not usually last as long as you would like. After some time, you may wish that your husband kept handling you in the same way. It can hurt you greatly when you discover that he is not the same affectionate husband he used to be. To make matters worse, you may assume that you will be able to recapture his interest by making simple adjustments such as changing the way you dress or even lose a few pounds. Unfortunately, this does not usually work.

How to attract husband – more than physical attraction

Although there are a number of things you need to do in order to attract your husband’s interest in you, they hardly have anything to do with your physical appearance.

This does not mean that physical attraction will no longer be important after you have stayed together for a while. However, there are many other important factors beside this. When you want to attract your husband’s interest in you, you should seriously consider your actions more than your appearance.

Nevertheless, you should not neglect your appearance. When you begin to leave your hair unkempt or you don’t seem to think much of what you wear, your husband will start wondering what is going on with you. He may even interpret it that you are not interested in him any more. Alternatively, he may see it as a way in which you do not value yourself, which will change his own perception of you.

How to attract husband – avoid getting irritable

One of the things that can make your husband lose interest in you is when he keeps finding you in a foul mood. If there are things that give you stress, you should find a way of solving them, as you may unconsciously take them out on your husband.

How to attract husband – develop your personality

If you lack a strong personality, your husband’s interest will begin to wane. You need to have a strong personality and have a more positive attitude. It is nearly impossible to attract someone else when you have a negative attitude.

You should be happy first of all in order to renew your husband’s interest in you. These are just some of the things you can do in order to bring back the sparkle in your marriage. It does not really matter whether your husband has lost so much interest that he is already contemplating a divorce.

Benefits Of Choosing Cheap Wedding Gowns

Are you newly engaged? Then you will be searching for the dress of your dream for your most special day Wedding. You might have own budget and preferences about your wedding gowns. You may at halt due to lack of knowledge and information about where to get wedding dresses of real value for the money you spend. Some girls may prefer to be like the princess and so go for costly cloths with decorative designs woven with an aesthetic touch to add elegance. However, most girls would prefer to look decent and clean in simple and cheap wedding gowns. When a girl could locate the right shop, then all her problems on a dress shopping would become easier and cheaper.

Girls need to gather a lot of things regarding wedding gowns and should be aware of certain facts before shopping. They are advised to take some time to learn about various styles and fabrics in wedding gowns. If the girl is well acquainted in these matters, then her shopping would be an effortless experience. It is a fact that nobody can assess the tastes and preferences of girls, especially when it comes to wedding gowns. They must decide what type of wedding dress will fit rightly and will make them look great. Which one would be perfect for their body shape and which will make you look like an angel or princess on the wedding day.

Selecting the cheap wedding gowns dont mean that she should not purchase other wedding accessories. Any dress, how cheap and simple it is, will look great when used with the right bridal accessories. These add-ons not only make the wedding gown look beautiful but also add a personal touch that offers an extraordinary look. Hence, girls need to create a list of their favorite dress designers and begin their search. Select style and fabric of their choice and give remarks of style and other alterations required to be accomplished. Enjoy the benefits of moving from old style wedding dresses to a simple and cheap wedding gown.

Since wedding gowns are available at low-cost rates, people can buy two dresses for wedding functions if they go for cheap wedding gowns. Thus, with simple and cheapo wedding gowns, the girl would look like an angle, making the entire party will be more memorable for all. Like wedding gowns, bridesmaid dresses is also important and people need to learn more data about cheap and simple bridesmaid and prom dresses.

Celtic Wedding Tradition – The Oathing Stone

The oathing stone tradition goes far, far back into the Celtic spirit. The ancient Celts were often seafaring groups of tribes, who by the time they had reached the British Isles, had a very firm and strong relationship with the sea or at least the waters surrounding their homes. Celtic tribal people were, like many tribal folk in those times, severely tied to spirit of place. In fact many of the old tribal names are descriptive of a particular place or natural feature such as a lake, river, valley or mountain. In the Celtic world view, Spirits were associated with each of these places, often tied directly to the tribe. In many cases, these spirits were regarded as ancestral spirits of the forebears of the Celts living there now.

It was important to seek blessing and it was important to state intentions in the form of an oath. This often took place at these sacred locations, special to the various tribes. So, it was not uncommon for a couple to not get wed in the eyes of their people and their chief, but also in the eyes of their ancestors to help gain their blessing and protection for the new adventure before them.

One of the origins of the wedding vow is this process of oathing the stone. In ancient times, vows were given at the very place and some physical object was used to help transfer these oaths to the spirit energies present in this sacred location. Sometimes a stone was used. Other times a piece of wood or some other natural object. This them would be gifted to the sacred place in some fashion. Perhaps thrown into the lake by both the bride and groom, laid reverentially upon a cairn of similar vows in a glade, niche or hollow. Perhaps thrown over a cliff into the sea far below.

As Celts became Christianized, such traditions, while allowed in the early Church, began to be cracked down upon and treated as idolatry and pagan worship. Yet with the Celts (and many other tribal folk, really) old ways died hard and what became a serious obligation of honoring one’s lineage and ancestry, slowly changed to a quaint and novel custom.

With the emergence of the New Age type of perspective, such traditions have been slowly coming back into favor and the meanings have subtly changed to be declared an honoring of the spirit of place, or a charm for luck and prosperity. In ancient times, it would be extremely bad form to neglect one’s ancestors on such a propitious day as a day of wedding. The Oathing Stone was but one way of honoring them.

In the more modern version of this ritual, the officiant (minister/priest) will be presented the stone by a member of the wedding party. The Best Man, The Chief Maiden perhaps or a parent of the Bride or Groom. The officiant will hold the stone and invite the groom to lay his hands onto the stone, and therewith give consent to in the presence of all of his ancestors both living and dead to bear witness to the words of power that he will speak. The words of his personal commitment to the woman he loves by the vows he brings forward. The same invitation is made to the Bride. Once both are holding the stone, they each recite their vows to one another.

Once complete, the stone is placed in a place of honor for the remainder of the ceremony. After the ceremony is complete, the newly married company release the stone back to the elements by whatever means is felt as being the most appropriate. Some people may toss it into the sea or the lake or river. Others may lay it upon a mountain or a man made cairn. Still others may wish to keep the stone and add it to the garden of the new home they make together or in a prominent location within their home.

If you are serious about your Celtic roots, this tradition is a great piece to add to your wedding ceremony and indeed to other of life’s little and great ceremonies, like naming your children, their coming of age, celebrating all the important times in their lives and yours, marking the passing of loved ones and so forth.

Oathing the Stone, while by today’s standards is a quaint little custom, it was in ancient days, a very serious part of many Celtic Tribe’s spiritual life.