A Rising Lifestyle Trend In Pune, Bachelors Party Celebrates Last Days Of Singlehood

A bachelor or bachelorette party few years ago were only wine and dine and dance to the tunes of hep songs at Clubs in Pune was the ritual of the bachelor parties. A sumptuous dinner is hosted by the groom/bride to their friends shortly before the wedding bells ring. Without any doubt it is a rising trend in India these days and more prominently in the metropolis like Pune. Though you may not see a stripper giving the lap dance to the lucky one but there has been a note of the rising trend in Pune where there are many people who hire the organisers for arranging a bachelor’s party along with their wedding. The concept is on the rise and the people getting married prefer to have a bachelor’s party organized.
Bachelor parties in Puneis catching up pace at an exhilarating rate. Bachelor parties are no more an affair of the opening of chilled beer cans and talking away till you lose a track of everything and moving your leg to the item songs. Now-a-days during the day the groom/bride and friends participate in various fun filled activities and hence the idea for liqueurs, party, gifts, dancing and these components teamed with peppy games are used to make the event an unforgettable one.
For many men the concept of bachelor’s party means drinking alcohol and eating food while dancing on raunchy item numbers.I have been to a couple of bachelor parties of my friends held at their flats. We had good food and lots of drinks accompanied by good music on which we danced till we could. It was a memorable experience and a fun filled celebration night for the groom to be. says Aditya Dandawate who also feels that these parties are like any other party that one has and there is no proscribed in hosting such parties. The wedding coordinator gets orders to organize bachelor parties where people mainly demand of a remote location, a farmhouse preferably and good food with ample amount of liqueur. The idea is to enjoy the bachelorhood during its last few days.
The bachelorette parties are another scene altogether, as they involve a totality fun oriented activities like wedding shower with the for the bride right from the expensive jewellery to naughty stuff, playing games related to marriage, friends and elders giving the bride advice about how to have a perfect marriage, toasting to the bride and dancing are some activities that happen amongst many others. Goa seems to be the favorite destination for many for holding a bachelor’s party. The idea is to get a vacation full of party and fun and destination provides adventure along with fun through the water sports, different hangouts and clubs that it has. Some people believe in having a more relaxed bachelor’s by spending time at a spa followed by a quite dinner party with close friend. Others believe in going to places or doing weird stuff like adventure sports, trekking etc. But apart from the distinction in the way of doing it, the concept of bachelor’s party is making its place in the Indian culture with people leaving no single opportunity to party and be merry.