5 Tips for a Great Wedding Reception

The wedding reception plays an important part in fittingly celebrating one of the most important days in any couple’s lives – their wedding day. Whether a daytime or an evening event, there are many ways to make sure that this particular party lives up to all expectations.

The first tip for organising a great wedding reception that will be remembered for all the right reasons is making sure that there is great music at your celebration. This can be suited to your tastes, but it may well be worth hiring a solo wedding singer or a live band to add something truly special to the occasion.

As these musical options are not run-of-the-mill ones, your guests are likely to be thrilled at the opportunity to enjoy a live performance, whether your solo wedding singer is performing classic rat pack music or modern pop tunes and romantic ballads.

Remember as well to make sure that you have good ‘break’ and after party music if you hire a live act. The solo wedding singer or band won’t be able to keep going all night long, so make sure you have great in-between set music and a good DJ afterwards to keep guests happy and the party going.

A second tip to ensure a great reception is making sure that there is enough space, appropriate lighting and a comfortable temperature in the venue where you are hosting your celebration. Although these may seem like obvious points to bear in mind, it can often be easy to overlook the smaller details when there are so many big things to plan.

If you are in doubt about how you can appropriately heat and light a large venue with many guests, consider hiring the assistance of an experienced wedding planner who will not only be able to find your entertainment such as a solo wedding singer, but also take care of the nitty-gritty details like these. You can also speak to the owner of the venue for their advice.

Thirdly, remember to keep guests well-fed throughout the evening, especially if you have a long night planned with a band, solo wedding singer, DJ and a dance-floor that will be full until well past midnight. Start your celebration with a meal if possible, then make sure you bring out appropriate refreshments at later stages in the evening so no-one gets too hungry.

One way to deal with night-time munchies – and those that are induced by alcohol consumption – is by setting up a snack station that serves quick and satisfying food such as cheese toasties, crepes, fries and waffles. Guests can either make their own food, or you can hire a chef to man the station for an hour or so until everyone has had their fill.

A fourth tip to help your wedding reception go well is handing out party favours to guests to add a bit of a fun twist to the evening. These can include classic party bag items such as hats, Silly String, noise makers and masks, but can also include other interesting items of your choice that your guests will find entertaining and engage with throughout the night.

Finally, plan a big event to round off the evening – something that will keep your guests hanging on until then end. This could be a fireworks display or a special performance of some kind. As well as guaranteeing a crowd throughout the night, this kind of feature will end your celebrations on a high note.

These are just five ways to make sure that you pull off a fantastic wedding reception; from choosing a great solo wedding singer to planning to end the evening with a bang, implementing all these tips can mean that you and your guests will create great memories that will last a lifetime.