Capturing the best wedding photography at Holdenby House


The Holdenby House is a glorious venue for weddings, with a variety of elegant rooms and landscaped locations on the spacious grounds for wedding ceremonies and photographs. This historic 1583 country house features dark wood interiors combined with large windows and natural light, which can make the photographer’s job challenging in the absence of supplemental interior lighting. Many factors will affect the outcome, such as the time of day, the weather and the angle of the sun in winter or summer; however, there are many wonderful locations at Holdenby House for ceremonial, formal or candid photographs. Talk about the venue with your wedding photographer when considering wedding photos at Holdenby House, they will often be able to show you photos in their portfolio from previous shots at the venue.

Wedding Ceremony Photos

Many ceremonies take place in the Dining Room, which is licensed for ceremonies and offers a large space for guests and a center aisle. Natural light at the front of the room will bathe the couple in diffused light during the ceremony, and this room’s elegant details, wood mouldings and flooring provide a stunning backdrop for ceremony photos. The Dining Room’s fireplace serves as a traditional backdrop for cutting the cake, with its grand mantel and ornate detail offering a beautiful complement to the cake and bride.

Formal Photos; Unique Spaces

The Front Hall is a beautiful location for posed photos with dark wood paneling providing a beautiful contrast to the natural lighting that pours through the large windows. Posing a bride and groom by the windows offers the opportunity to use this natural light and dramatic space to its best advantage. If brighter lighting is needed, the Inner Hall is the best-lit room in the house with large windows and a warm and cheerful interior that is ideal for photos of the entire wedding party. For unique photo angles, choose one of the many ornate staircases for a photographic view of the bride and groom from above or below.

Outdoor Photos

Outdoor photos can be successful from many locations on the property with the elegant Holdenby House used as a backdrop. A variety of spacious lawns, trees, doorways and the historic formal gardens provide many spectacular locations for photos. Smith Arch is a popular choice for photographs with the magnificent arched gate creating an ideal outdoor backdrop. Choosing a shady location under the trees will provide the ideal lighting for photographs on a sunny day, while an overcast or misty day provides bright, diffused lighting that will allow for beautiful photos in most locations across the 20-acre property.