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A Stong Marriage Takes Work

Think about the last wedding you attended. The couple is so in love, and they are celebrating the start to their lives together. Everyone in that position, on that day, is planning for a happily ever after. The bride and groom are excited and looking forward to what lies ahead. Generally the time spent together before getting married is a positive experience, or you wouldn’t be at a wedding. Courtship can bring out the very best in people, and a great effort is made to impress the one that you love.

After the honeymoon is over, a couple will begin to live life. This transition period in a relationship may start to show areas that need to be cultivated. No one plans to have a marriage fail, but it is essential to know that a strong relationship takes daily work and effort. If you find that you need help and support in this area, there are many resources to reach out to; marriage counseling in Portage, MI, is just one of them.

Steps Couples Should Take to Build a Strong Marriage

1.Appreciation is a key step in building a strong relationship. It creates a positive energy between a couple. The more time you spend looking for the good things that your spouse does, the more positive your feelings will be. You don’t want to stay silent, however. If you notice something that you appreciate, make sure you share that. You may have a long list of things you love, but only you will know them if you don’t say anything.

2.To be successful in a marriage, you need to understand each other’s feelings and perspectives. You don’t have to agree on everything, but you do need to accept them. Once you validate these feelings, you will find it is easier to discuss them and look at possible changes or compromise.

3.In order to form a loving relationship, you need to do things together. This is not to say that you need to be together all the time–you need a balance. It is essential that you have some things that you share. Yes, you need to have time to do those things you love on your own, but make sure you are accommodating and give common interests the highest priority.

4.Physical intimacy is extremely important. At the beginning of a marriage you may wonder how this ever becomes an issue, but it can. You want to make sure that you are open and communicating in this area. This is definitely an issue that an expert can help you work through.

5.Differences in your characters need to be accepted and understood. The fact that you have had various life experiences brings unique opportunities. Learn from each other and focus on the best of these attributes to help you as a couple. Each person’s character traits will be beneficial as you deal with circumstances in your lives.

6.Realize early that you have an equal partnership and treat your relationship as such. Abilities will be different, but that does not mean that one person is greater than the other. If you find that you are falling into a place where someone begins to dominate, talk about it right away. You will want to work together to see what changes need to be made to put the relationship back on equal ground.

Marriage is a wonderful adventure, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be bumps in the road. It is critical to work together, and if you need help, reach out to an expert. Marriage counseling in Portage, MI, or wherever you live, is a valuable option. Your relationship is certainly worth the effort it will take!