Using Sparklers in Your Centerpieces

While most couples that incorporate sparklers into their wedding use them for the send -off line, sparklers can also add a whole new dimension to table centerpieces. There are many ways they can be used, including sticking them in a flowerpot or even a fruit bowl.

For a more casual way to use sparklers as part of your centerpieces you can obtain tin buckets and have them personalized with your names and wedding date. This is a great option if you are having a large wedding, as you will be able to display enough sparklers so that each of your guests has one.

Gold sparklers are your best bet for incorporating them into your centerpieces. They burn slowly, so they are safe to use indoors and when you use them as part of each centerpiece you are not putting your guests at risk of danger. No ashes will drop from this kind of sparkler, which is another reason it is ideal for wedding centerpieces.

Most brands of sparklers are safe to paint, but it’s always best to buy a premium brand of spray paint for your sparklers. That being said, you can choose to paint them to match your wedding colors. The standard color of sparklers is gray, so being able to paint them is a real advantage. Any color spray paint can be used to enhance your sparklers.

If you choose to use bottle sparklers you can create fun and unique centerpieces. When lit they fade out in just under a minute, but even without lighting them, they can still make your centerpieces a conversation starter for your guests.

Even if you want to have traditional floral centerpieces for your wedding you can still incorporate sparklers into it. For a truly eye catching presentation purchase brightly colored sparklers and stick one in the middle of each floral centerpiece. A color that stands out against the flowers in your centerpiece will provide a truly memorable sight for your guests.

Tabletop fountains can also provide you with a great way to display your sparklers as part of your centerpiece. This can be a safe and fun way to entertain your guests and yourself on your big day.

Clear glass jars can also be used to create a sparkler centerpiece. All you need is a glass jar for each table and one sparkler. These can be put together at the last minute, saving you time during the planning process. Even though it is a very simple centerpiece it can also be very elegant, and best of all the wedding sparklers will be a useful addition to each table. When it comes time to light the sparklers one person can be appointed to light everyone’s sparklers at once.

These are just a few of the ways in which you can use sparklers as a part of your wedding centerpieces. You can get as creative as you choose to when it comes to using them. Sparkler centerpieces are becoming increasingly popular among couples who want their wedding reception to be as memorable as possible. They are diverse enough that they can easily be incorporated into your own wedding décor.

Capturing the best wedding photography at Holdenby House


The Holdenby House is a glorious venue for weddings, with a variety of elegant rooms and landscaped locations on the spacious grounds for wedding ceremonies and photographs. This historic 1583 country house features dark wood interiors combined with large windows and natural light, which can make the photographer’s job challenging in the absence of supplemental interior lighting. Many factors will affect the outcome, such as the time of day, the weather and the angle of the sun in winter or summer; however, there are many wonderful locations at Holdenby House for ceremonial, formal or candid photographs. Talk about the venue with your wedding photographer when considering wedding photos at Holdenby House, they will often be able to show you photos in their portfolio from previous shots at the venue.

Wedding Ceremony Photos

Many ceremonies take place in the Dining Room, which is licensed for ceremonies and offers a large space for guests and a center aisle. Natural light at the front of the room will bathe the couple in diffused light during the ceremony, and this room’s elegant details, wood mouldings and flooring provide a stunning backdrop for ceremony photos. The Dining Room’s fireplace serves as a traditional backdrop for cutting the cake, with its grand mantel and ornate detail offering a beautiful complement to the cake and bride.

Formal Photos; Unique Spaces

The Front Hall is a beautiful location for posed photos with dark wood paneling providing a beautiful contrast to the natural lighting that pours through the large windows. Posing a bride and groom by the windows offers the opportunity to use this natural light and dramatic space to its best advantage. If brighter lighting is needed, the Inner Hall is the best-lit room in the house with large windows and a warm and cheerful interior that is ideal for photos of the entire wedding party. For unique photo angles, choose one of the many ornate staircases for a photographic view of the bride and groom from above or below.

Outdoor Photos

Outdoor photos can be successful from many locations on the property with the elegant Holdenby House used as a backdrop. A variety of spacious lawns, trees, doorways and the historic formal gardens provide many spectacular locations for photos. Smith Arch is a popular choice for photographs with the magnificent arched gate creating an ideal outdoor backdrop. Choosing a shady location under the trees will provide the ideal lighting for photographs on a sunny day, while an overcast or misty day provides bright, diffused lighting that will allow for beautiful photos in most locations across the 20-acre property.


5 Tips for a Great Wedding Reception

The wedding reception plays an important part in fittingly celebrating one of the most important days in any couple’s lives – their wedding day. Whether a daytime or an evening event, there are many ways to make sure that this particular party lives up to all expectations.

The first tip for organising a great wedding reception that will be remembered for all the right reasons is making sure that there is great music at your celebration. This can be suited to your tastes, but it may well be worth hiring a solo wedding singer or a live band to add something truly special to the occasion.

As these musical options are not run-of-the-mill ones, your guests are likely to be thrilled at the opportunity to enjoy a live performance, whether your solo wedding singer is performing classic rat pack music or modern pop tunes and romantic ballads.

Remember as well to make sure that you have good ‘break’ and after party music if you hire a live act. The solo wedding singer or band won’t be able to keep going all night long, so make sure you have great in-between set music and a good DJ afterwards to keep guests happy and the party going.

A second tip to ensure a great reception is making sure that there is enough space, appropriate lighting and a comfortable temperature in the venue where you are hosting your celebration. Although these may seem like obvious points to bear in mind, it can often be easy to overlook the smaller details when there are so many big things to plan.

If you are in doubt about how you can appropriately heat and light a large venue with many guests, consider hiring the assistance of an experienced wedding planner who will not only be able to find your entertainment such as a solo wedding singer, but also take care of the nitty-gritty details like these. You can also speak to the owner of the venue for their advice.

Thirdly, remember to keep guests well-fed throughout the evening, especially if you have a long night planned with a band, solo wedding singer, DJ and a dance-floor that will be full until well past midnight. Start your celebration with a meal if possible, then make sure you bring out appropriate refreshments at later stages in the evening so no-one gets too hungry.

One way to deal with night-time munchies – and those that are induced by alcohol consumption – is by setting up a snack station that serves quick and satisfying food such as cheese toasties, crepes, fries and waffles. Guests can either make their own food, or you can hire a chef to man the station for an hour or so until everyone has had their fill.

A fourth tip to help your wedding reception go well is handing out party favours to guests to add a bit of a fun twist to the evening. These can include classic party bag items such as hats, Silly String, noise makers and masks, but can also include other interesting items of your choice that your guests will find entertaining and engage with throughout the night.

Finally, plan a big event to round off the evening – something that will keep your guests hanging on until then end. This could be a fireworks display or a special performance of some kind. As well as guaranteeing a crowd throughout the night, this kind of feature will end your celebrations on a high note.

These are just five ways to make sure that you pull off a fantastic wedding reception; from choosing a great solo wedding singer to planning to end the evening with a bang, implementing all these tips can mean that you and your guests will create great memories that will last a lifetime.

Some Telugu Wedding Rituals You Cannot Miss

Weddings are a set of different traditional and cultural rituals which are very important for the completion of the event. These functions not only make the weddings classic, but also take us to our heritage and cultural values. In Telugu matrimonial, the rituals and ceremonies are little bit different from other south Indian areas. They have key role of maternal uncle of bride and her brother in the wedding ceremonies. However, it’s a process filled with lot of fun and you will definitely feel delighted to know about them. Let us take a look at the rituals conducted during a Telugu marriage and their features.

• Mangal snaanam: The bride and groom are provided with an important and special bath, to prepare and make them pure for the sacred ceremonies of wedding.

• Arti: Bride and groom are specially applied with oil on their body, at their respective residences. After that, all the family members conduct a puja and Arti to wish for the good future and prosperous life of the bride and groom.
• Ganesh and gowri puja: Ganesh puja is organized at the Mandapam where groom attends the ceremony.
• Kanyadaan: In this ceremony, the family of bride hands over the bride and her life to the groom. The family of bride washes the feet of groom as they treat him as god’s avatar. The bride and groom are separated by a curtain so that they cannot see each other before ceremony. The bride sits in a bamboo basket and her maternal uncle carries her to the Mandapam before ceremony. The curtain is raised after completion of ceremony.
• Jeelakarra bellamu and madhuparkam: In further ceremonies of this wedding, the priest recites holy lines and the bride and groom applies a paste of cumin seeds and jaggery on each other’s hand. This symbolizes that they will always support each other and will never leave each other. The other ceremony is about wearing white dresses with red border. The bride wears a red bordered white cotton saree and groom wears red bordered white dhoti. Red color means strength and white means purity.
• Sumangli: Ten married ladies referred to as ‘Sumangli’ hold plates and stand with the bride. Six plates contain rice and turmeric powder, and other four contains lamps. Rice stands for abundance and lamps for light.
• Tying of the mangalsutra: To complete this ceremony, the curtain between the bride and the groom is removed. The groom ties three knots of mangalsutra into bride’s neck, and this symbolizes physical, mental and spiritual bonding of their lives.
• Kanyadaan akshata: The garland ceremony takes place and each one of couple exchange floral garlands. All the people present their shower blessings and sprinkle the flower petals and rice- turmeric on the couple.
• Saptapadi: The couple walk around fire in seven rounds and the end of saree is tied to end of dhoti for this.
• Sthaalipaakam: in this ceremony the groom puts silver toe rings on the bride’s feet and this ceremony is done by wearing a black string by the bride.

How to Make Your Wedding Day “a Memorable One”

Have you selected your wedding gown, chosen the venue, booked the photographer, florist, caterer and still feeling like something is missing? Don’t know what to do next? Well, if YES, then you might use your remaining time choosing the right accessories for your special day. It is important to pick the accessories that not only make you look special, but also go with the design and colour of your dress!

Every bride wants to look special on her big day, i.e. the day of her wedding. If you’ve finally purchased your bridal wear and looking forward to buy the garnishing that will complement your gown and will make you look prettier, you just make the complete process a bit more personal. No doubt planning a marriage can be stressful and more of a nerve-racking experience, but it can be made easier by putting in some useful efforts and utilizing your valuable time.

In general, there are plenty of wedding accessories available these days, which include Jewelry, veils, earrings, shoes, bags, headpiece, handkerchiefs, etc. Other than this, there are many other factors to consider when it comes to accessorizing your bridal gear, which may include:

Factor #1: Choose the metals that go well with your wedding gown

It is important that you know what type of metal will work the best with your outfit. Suppose if you’ve picked a white dress, you may consider picking platinum or pearl and avoid gold embellishments as it may clash with your bright white outfit. And if you’ve decided to go with a diamond white gown, you may think of sticking to the traditional gold and silver trimmings.

Factor #2: Remember – don’t try too much

No doubt accessories add a touch of elegance to your outer beauty, but the fact is that plenty of it can spoil your appearance and make you look overdressed. So if you’re thinking of adding a beautiful veil, a necklace, tiara or classy earrings to your outward show, you must avoid designs that closely mimic the flourishes on your robe.

Factor #3: Must keep it comfy

If you really want to look like a queen and feel confident from inside, you must pick the dress that is not just good-looking but comfortable too. Moreover, when it comes to keeping it comfy, it’s not just about the dress that you’ll be wearing on your wedding. Another important factor that you must consider is to pick the right pair of shoes.

Factor #4: Keep it simple and be yourself

It is important that you stick to what you know and don’t try anything new. Moreover, your appearance must reflect the real you – not the tailored one!